Become a Member

Member Definitions

Landowner: A landowner is anyone that owns/operates farmland that is responsible for distributing records/documents to different individuals or groups.
Authorized User: Anyone who is allowed access to the site by a US Farm Records landowner.  Authorized users can have view only, editing, or both capabilities when it comes to the records and documents.  The amount of access an authorized user has will be determined solely by the landowner of the property.
Maximum Size of Records: All forms of documents are acceptable to upload to US Farm Records database.  These include; videos, pictures, audio clips, and standard text documents.  The only restriction on the uploading of records is that all documents must be 10 megabytes or less.


There is NO FEE associated with the use of US Farm Records, and any registered member of US Farm Lease will have complete access to US Farm Records for no additional cost.

Process of Becoming a Member

• In order to become a member with US Farm Records you must first have a log in id and password.  This process is quick and simple.  All you need to do is email and include both your First and Last name, along with your preferred email address.
• Once this email has been sent in, you will receive an email back with your automated log in and password which will allow you to log in to US Farm Records.
• There will be a link in the email that will take you directly to the log in page at US Farm Records.  Fill in your automated id and password.
• Once you are logged in the first thing you should do is edit your profile information.  This link can be found in the upper right hand corner.  There you will be able to change your password from the one that is automatically given to you.
• Now that you have completed your profile it is time to begin adding your properties!

Adding a Property

• First follow the Property/User Manager link in the top right corner.
• Once you are there select the “Add a Property” option.
• Fill out the necessary information regarding the farm and save the property.
• After a new property has been added you will be directed to the directory page, where the different record types will be grouped separately. The categories of documents include; Annual Reports, Aerial Photos, Farm Photos, FSA Data, Soil Tests, Yield Monitoring Results, Historical Data, and Other Records

Add/Edit User Preferences

Once your property has been created, you now can allow others to view and upload items relating to the documents. To add a new user follow these steps: 

• Click on the "Property/User Manager" link in the upper right hand corner after you have logged in.
• Select the property you wish to add a user to
• Click on the "Add User" link
• Then click the "Add New User to Property" link and select what they will be allowed to view and enter in their first and last name as well as an email address (this information is needed in order to create their account).
• This will send an email to your new user and they will be allowed to view the records you have enabled them to and to upload documents if you have enabled that feature on their account.
Repeat this process for as many users as you like!

Adding Farm Information in the Directory

The last step is to add the actual documents, photographs, and histories.
This is the easiest step of them all! Once you have logged in,
• Click on the icon that you would like to upload information to for example the "Anunal Reports" or the "Yield Monitor Results"
• Then, simply click "Add Document"
• Browse your computer for the file and click "Save Document" after filling in the extra information about the document you have uploaded.

WANT TO BECOME A MEMBER? Please e-mail with your first and last name along with your preferred e-mail address.