About USFR

About US Farm Records
US Farm Records is an easy to use website that allows for the owner of land to allocate approved persons to access land information as well as approve others, such as tenants, to upload information regarding the property. This site will allow for uploading and viewing of annual reports, aerial photographs, farm photographs, FSA data, soil tests, yield monitor results, historical data, and more. US Farm Records doesn’t want you to continue to farm with a lack of information. We see the need and have answered the call.

Company Formation
US Farm Records was founded by Mark Gannon president of US Farm Lease and Gannon Real Estate and Consulting. USFR is wholly owned and operated by US Farm Lease and was created after observing the lack of information that is available to farmers and tenants currently in the fields. Minimal records are kept by the owners, tenants don’t know the land they have just acquired and if there are records, they are easily lost or misplaced. To solve this, the US Farm Records give landowners and tenants the right tools to have accurate, accessible information right at their fingertips. Now you are able to keep records in a safe, reliable, and easy to use place.