Welcome to US Farm Records

Welcome to US Farm Records!
US Farm Records is a subsidiary developed and maintained wholly by US Farm Lease in order to help farmers organize and maintain information about plots of land that is otherwise lost with time. Do you ever have problems finding all the documents related to your piece of land?  Do you ever lose previous year’s documents?  Are you curious about previous yields, soil, and drainage information? Do you own or operate a new piece of land and are interested in finding the history of the farm?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, or are just looking for a quick and easy way to store all of your farmland documents, look no further than US Farm Records.  US Farm Records is a new concept that aims at giving landowners and operators a means to keeping accurate and sustainable information in a highly accessible manner.  US Farm Records will allow for better forecasting and improved decision making involving properties to improve yields and overall effectiveness. On top of that, it's completely free to use!  Remember, US Farm Records is YOUR farmland record keeping service!

Why You Need US Farm Records?
Having accurate, accessible information about your farm is vital to success in the fields and ultimately in your checkbook. With the growing importance and emphasis of technology today, US Farm Records has been able to harness that technology and allow you to upload, view and maintain information regarding annual reports, aerial photographs, farm photographs, FSA data, soil tests, yield monitor results, historical data, as well as other farm related records! With this entire array of information just one click away, US Farm Records is your solution to store, view and maintain all the information that pertains to the land your own or operate.

Lease Term Language for US Farm Records

As a landowner you deserve to receive quality records from your tenants while they operate your land!  Here is sample language that you can add to your Farm Lease that willrequire the tenant to upload your farm records into the US Farm Records online database:

“Tenant will be required to upload all farm records into the farm’s US Farm Records online database (at www.usfarmrecords.com) within 30 days of the date of the document.  Records include:  yield data, crop insurance forms and reports (policy application, acreage report, production report, claims and indemnity payments), fertilizer and chemical records, GPS data, drainage maps and records, FSA documents, soil tests and reports, cropping data, annual farm report and any other records pertaining to the farm or requested by the landowner.  If operator is unable to upload data via the internet, copies must be sent to US Farm Lease, 305 NW 48 Place, Des Moines, IA 50313 to be scanned and entered into the database.  Tenant will have access to the records in this database until which time the lease is terminated.”


Please e-mail info@usfarmrecords.com with your first and last name along with your preferred e-mail address.